• Guess who's in the promo: contest results
• More promo news
• The sound of Google
• Ads on iTunes
• Mo better MacBook Pro
• Direct Download
• Listener Mail/Shoutouts
• Music to send e-mail and audio comments by

Link-O-Rama: Yet Another Shelly's Podcast Promo, Advertising Age article on iTunes advertising, 17-inch MacBook Pro specs, Cheap Date Show, The Ropes on The Podsafe Music Network

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Mixing it up

• Another long one, and I'm back in the studio with the mixer
• Last chance for the contest (Win an iPod Shuffle) by guessing who's in my promo
• MacGathering
• The kindness of Starbucks
• Thin-skinned e-mailers
• Google audio verification
• Apple's Boot Camp
• Direct Download
• Listener Mail
• Music to send e-mail and audio comments by

Link-O-Rama: The Big Show, Easy iPod and iTunes, MacGathering, Typical Mac User, Boot Camp, "Hangin' Ten On The Shinkansen" by Vincent Van Go Go at the Podsafe Music Network, Kevin Reeves web site, Kevin's BCT Career Cast, El Gato EyeTV, Poddog Show, "Multiply and Divide" by The Soviettes, on the Podsafe Music Network


the patio show

• We start with a promo
• Chatting with Frank on the patio
• ❑ Giving meds to cats • ❑ The flightpath • ❑ Correct pantry arrangement • ❑ Brownies by Frank • ❑ Digging smeagol • ❑ Neighbor dogs • ❑ Thoroughfare • ❑ Tree sex • ❑ Jenna's cat • ❑ Smeagol • ❑ Grackels • ❑ Phospherus sprinkles • ❑ Locked in the studio • ❑ Ground cover • ❑ Cats and birds • ❑ Remodeling • ❑ TV antenna • ❑ Cult of UHF (the accidental Direct Download selection) • ❑ Remodeling projects • ❑ ipod playlists • ❑ Our spring party • ❑ Hot tub etiquette

• Music to send e-mail and audio comments by

Link-O-Rama: Redboy Podcast, The Poddog Show, Cult of UHF, LightCrafters, The Muffs on The Podsafe Music Network



• Another "live" show, now with even less editing
• Direct Download
• Show notes shorthand?
• Mail bag and shoutouts
• More reasons to enter the contest (iPod Shuffle giveaway)
• Live from the NashBash: a celebration of the tenth anniversary of The Cheryl Wheeler Mailing List.
Long version of the NashBash
(39 minutes)

Link-O-Rama: Mac OS Ken, Turbo Blender,Zee and Zed, Cheap Date, Easy iPod and iTunes,Cheryl Wheeler, Cheryl Wheeler Mailing List,Kenny White