News of the mundane

News of my podcast adventures. I announce this blog, recount my acquisition of mic accessories, and plug my appearance on last night's Late Night with Mr. X.


Derivative podcasting, sponsorship and politics

Get today's show y'all.

Got me a blog

I created a podcast last December, and have been keeping it up since then. But I had no way of easily sharing notes or allowing you nice people to comment. I needed a blog. This is it. I hope you like it.
(Would you believe that the Blogger spell checker doesn't include the word blog?)


Musings on commercialization

Here is where I get myself in trouble. I talk about podcast commercialism models and speak more honestly than I should about other folks' business models.


Ranting about phone interviewing

Here's the first of the back catalog podcasts. This one is about how much trouble it was to record a phone interview.


Lazy ass podcast

A lazy-ass podcast starring Shelly and Smeagol the cat. We discuss group podcasting and using iPods in record stores.