LA story take two

Return with me now to those long ago days I spent in Los Angeles. Hmm. When was that exactly? Also, a side trip to the wilds of Tyler Texas. Finally, I get all opinionated as I discuss iPodderX 3.0.


Hear the MacGathering analog-to-digital seminar

My MacGathering seminar on converting analog files to digital formats.


Hear the MacGathering podcast production seminar

My seminar on podcast production. Most of it applies to all platforms, but I concentrate on Mac tools and hardware.


Hear the MacGathering podcasting panel

Today's show is a recording of the podcasting panel I moderated at last weekend's MacGathering in Los Angeles. Hear podcasters Dan Klass, Adam Christianson, and Mark Jeffrey talk about their shows. We also take questions from a very talkative audience.


Take a walk on the blind side

Downtown sound-seeing. I take myself out for a cup of coffee, and share my adventures (OK, my wait at the bus stop) with you. There's also fun-making at the expense of society types, corny appreciation for the ideals of government, and, did I mention coffee?


Reacting to the podcasting news

Recording with the new mixer on a beautiful spring day. I extole the virtues of neighborhood picnics, and dig myself deeper into the controversy over podcast commercialism v. community-based radio.