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Link-O-Rama: Comedy4cast: the TWIES episode, Dinkycast
This Week's Music: "Fight Music", by Vincent Van Go Go on the Podsafe Music Network



Social life, both real and Internet-based, plus lots of music at South by Southwest.

  • The Twitter bug bites me
  • Fun with other people's children
  • Beautiful geeks at SXSW
  • Massive tunage, also at SXSW
  • Mailbag
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Link-O-Rama: Twitter, Plan Nine Rock Show, Redboy Podcast

This Week's Music: "No More Surprises", by The Ettes


iTunes 7.1 Tells Its Secrets

A little about my trip to the Apple Store, and a lot about how iTunes is finally accessible via VoiceOver on the Mac...mostly.

Link-O-Rama: Screenless Switchers Podcast

This Week's Music: "Mega Lamb", by Tammany Hall Machine


My SXSW, night by night

Well, I decided to hit SXSW Music after all. So here is a running list of the coolest things I'm seeing.


Best new find
Tammany Hall Machine from right here in Austin. Their Web site, and the SXSW writeup.

Band upon whose lead singer I have a crush
The Black, also from Austin.

Coolest artist I already knew
Ruthie Foster. Girl's got some PIPES!


Coming up on the show...

My Twitter addiction, and the new Austin Apple Store.


Platinum, Baby!

Getting ready for South by Southwest, watching YouTube vids, and answering Mac questions. Life is good!

  • Celebrate Texas independence...or not
  • SXSW, the musical
  • SXSW, the digital schwag
  • Incomplete, non-comprehensive Oscar non-recap
  • I am not a gay man!
  • Oscar fashion and brevity
  • YouTubular: getting fired by Apple, rats in Taco Bell, and buildings go boom! See the blog for videos.
  • Your Mac questions answered
  • Music to send e-mail and audio comments by

Link-O-Rama: SXSW Toolbox (with music BitTorrent), buy Mr. Confidential

This Week's Music: "Red Microphones", by The Comas, on the Podsafe Music Network.
Break Music: All of this week's break music comes from the wonderful Vincent Van Go Go, and can be found on the Podsafe Music Netwrk.

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