The promo show!

It's episode 75. Diamonds are a podcaster's best friend.

• Promo news and contest
• Poll results
• Buy local
• Windows on a Mac
• why paid podcast and TV show models won't be around forever
• The Direct Download
• Shoutouts and stuff
• Listener mail
• Music to send audio comments and e-mail by

Link-O-Rama: Shelly's Podcast promo, Easy iPod and iTunes, Caraworks (voice work by Scott Fletcher), Madtown Aces Audio Productions, Windows on a Mac Mini, Redboy Podcast, The Big Show, Zee and Zed, Slau, Darcy and Holly Show, Keemecast, JawboneThe Shapes on the Podsafe Music Network


Big announcement coming

The next episode of Shelly's Podcast will feature a very exciting premier. I'll put a show out sometime between tomorrow and Thursday night, so watch your aggregator and the blog.


Long, unedited, but fulla techno(logy) goodness

Join me for a live, unedited show in which I take a first look (and liten) at my shiny new Marantz PMD 660 recorder. I also chat about wandering through South By Southwest.

Link-O-Rama: Oade Brothers modified Marantz PMD 660


Where in the world is Shelly?

• Upcoming travels
• SXSW wristband envy
• Coffee shop eavesdropping
• Direct Download
• Mail bag
• Music

Take the name change poll

Link-O-Rama: The Cheryl Wheeler Mailing List, The MacGathering, SXSW tools and downloads, break music "The Ming Thing" from Cagey House, Zee and Zed, Unedited, and a song by Hey Tiger, from The Podsafe Music Network


The bonus track episode

• News of my world
• Apple announcements
• A plea to TV casters
• Plugs, and the Direct Download
• Mail bag
• Bonus track

Link-O-Rama: Nina Kimberly the Merciless, Want To Watch A Movie, Michael Masley at Magnatune