Three shows, no waiting

I am no Rogic Podcast Conglomerate, but I do have three podcasts; this one, The Tracy-Hepburn Podcast, and the brand-spanking new one, Hollywood On The Radio. The latter two are about really old film and radio stuff. You probably wouldn't be interested.

Did I mention that I'm a promotional genius?


Shelly's pickle program

Here's my segment from Podcast Pickle's Portable Media Expo show.

Chris Breen, Shelly Brisbin

Here I am interviewing Playlist Magazine's Chris Breen. Thanks to Deb Shadovitz for the photo.


Announcing the winner of the Shelly's Co-Host For A Day contest. Also, I blather on and on and on about Portable Media Expo.

I've been christened Sandy the Squirrel by the crew from Borderline.


Podcast pickle live from the expo!

I'm part of Podcast Pickle's live podcast from Portable Media Expo in Ontario, CA. If you're at expo, come by at 11 AM on Saturday November 12 to watch me do a short show. If you're not at expo, subscribe to the feed to hear all the podcasters doing their shows here. You will also be able to download shows from the Pickle page. I will add my segment to my feed as well. Some of my pals will be podcasting too, including Aaron from The Big Show, Rob from Podcast411, Dan Klass from The Bitterest Pill, and Mark Jeffrey from The Pocket and the Pendant.

The podcast rig is set up in my hotel room, and I'll have more from expo, including the winner of the Co-Host For A Day contest. I also have the iRiver, so there's a chance of some show floor recording as well. Stay tuned.


Vote tally update

Just a quick update to let everyone know the current standings in the Shelly's Co-Host For A Day contest.

As of 1:50 PM Central on Sunday, 11/6, the top three vote getters are:

1) Kevin
2) Aaron
3) Carolyn

If you haven't voted, you still have a chance to influence the vote.


Vote for your favorite co-host

The link below will whisk you directly to the poll where you can cast your contest vote I'll keep the voting open until at least November 7.

Choose Your Favorite Co-Host For A Day


Contest entries, get your red hot contest entries

We bring you the final three entrants in the Shelly's Co-Host For A Day contest. All three are good to the last drop! There's also a bit of a Halloween post mortum (ar ar ar).

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