Skypestravaganza, part deaux

More skypestravaganza fun! This week I roll out part 2 of my hundredth show celebration. We talk TV (yes, you read that right), audio commentary for movies, MST3K, Macintosh accessibility, blindcasting (or not), Shelly's "how I learned to use the Mac" story, more accessibility stuff, Frank and other podcast guests, weather in multiple countries, The Rolling Stones in Zilker Park, football/rugby/soccer/Aussie rules, you say Brisbin, I say Brisbane, the German name game, zed, magazine writing, evil iTunes 7, and miscelaneous chatting.

We begin with greetings from Joe & Lisa of Cheap Date, and end with Steve from The Holmesgrown Podcast
Please Pickle me:


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey Shelly! Congratulations on your 100th episode. It was great to hear Darcy and Holly on your Skype-A-Thon.

By the way, I'm "that guy," Jake, who featured Darcy and Holly on The Pickle. D'oh!

Warm Hugs,
- Jake =)


3:16 PM  
Blogger Bruce said...

Congrats Shelly! Thanks for having me on. Bubba sends his love.

- Bruce (The Zedcast)

8:18 AM  

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