Tastes Like Rubber

Apologies for the wonky audio this week. I know. I know. I promise it'll be better on the next show.

A bit of general news, plus a "live" water segment. Special thanks to Thumper for making a guest appearance.

Thumper is an orange tabby

  • 100th show on the horizon
  • Hot tub parts
  • Expo excitement
  • Would you buy a t-shirt from this woman?
  • Where's the water?
  • Smart girls in podcasting

Link-O-Rama: Cheap Date Show, Darcy and Holly Show

This Week's Music: Supersuckers on the Podsafe Music Network

Break Music The Spy Surfs on the Podsafe Music Network

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Blogger jtl said...

Oh, Shelly... of course we still love you and we'll always take your calls. :-)

Thanks for playing our little blurb!

--Lisa & Joe

9:15 PM  
Blogger Kevin said...

Shelly, Happy Birthday in advance!

2:34 AM  
Blogger Shelly said...

Thanks Kevin, Lisa and Joe :-)

2:58 PM  
Anonymous Ellen said...

Hi Shelly, and hi Thumper! Scritches behind the ears. (that's for the cat, not the Shelly, though if the Shelly wants them, sure.)

11:21 AM  

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