Super garageband podcast show

• Settling into the Podcast Studio
• Family resemblances
• Super commercials
• GarageBand 3 for podcasters
• The podcasting news

Link-O-Rama: Unedited, Podcast Morons, Podcaster Confessions,
Podcast User, Baja Taxi by Brain Buckitt, on The Podsafe Music Network


Blogger diggersstory said...

Hey Shelly....Digger here,

When I listened to this episode your show was on speed..heck ya'll sounded like me!!!! Is that due to something on my end or yours? Any ideas?
Thanks for befriending me on the pickle. I do my best to support pickles everywhere but it hard to get into the inner pickle circle for some reason. So you gotta know I appreeeeeeciate your move to become my pickle friend!

Ciao baby,
Patter aka Digger, Pootz and crew

12:56 PM  

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