First, please update my podcast feed in your podcatcher: the new feed is http://feeds.feedburner.com/ShellysPodcast
Comng to you live from the rented front porch. What do you do at 1 AM when you can't sleep?


Blogger KevinC said...

Hey Shelly, I found your podcast on a "Blogroll" of some forgotten site I was trolling 'round. Listened to your show and enjoyed your sense of humour and spontaneous sounding style.

Hey, I'm a Texan too! (born & raised near Dallas) now settled in England. On your show you said you'd help folks find a PodCast, how about helping me with my PodCast?

Inspired by P-Dub from Digital Flotsam, I've started a PodCast to archive and publish stories of "regular people". I've only recorded 2 shows so far, but I'd love to hear some feedback and see if there's folks out there interested in the show.


4:28 AM  
Blogger Aaron said...

Must hear more of Shelly. It's been 6 days since Shelly's last confession. But please don't confess to the Podfather...

9:45 PM  

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