I'm baaack!

Catching up after a couple of podcast-free weeks. Some talk about the SXSW music download, more iRiver love, and a few podcasts I like.


The first iriver cast

A mobile podcast created with my new iRiver IFP-795T. The built-in mic is a wondrous thing. Join me and the Fabulous Frank as we discuss springtime, and my idea for distributing podcasts via Bluetooth. Also, don't forget that I'm still available to recommend a podcast for you. Just drop me a line and I will choose the perfect program for your ears.


Tech curmudgeonism

Is there no end to the topics I'm willing to rant about? Today it's my Blackberry phone, the iRiver I cannot touch, podcast business models, and more.


My interview with Cheryl Wheeler

The fabulous singer/songwriter Cheryl Wheeler sits still for cross-examination by me.


Ranting about my iPod

How did this show get to be 29 minutes? You'll never know unless you listen.

Your personal podcast recommendation service

Most people I know don't listen to podcasts. Those I've brought to this blog are probably happy I've found a creative outlet, but not really sure what a podcast is, and which ones they might like. For you poor clueless people, and anyone else looking for something new, I can help!

If you send me an e-mail at shellyspodcasts at gmail dot com, I will recommend a podcast that I think you'll like from the many thousands I listen to each and every day. If I dont know you, it would be a good idea if you told me something about yourself; your hobbies, the kind of work you do, your personal threshhold for geekiness, silliness, adult content, politics, etc. I will match you with the perfect show; the one that will cause you to run into the streets shouting the praises of podcasting for all to hear.

Here's what's in it for me: I will read your email or play your audio comment on my podcast and share my personalized recommendations with the audience. This will give me much needed material for the show, and will also endeer me to my fellow podcasters.

Come get your personal podcast recommendation right now, at shellyspodcasts at gmail dot com.